Why do people smoke weed in Virginia?

There are a lot of reasons why people smoke pot in Virginia.

And some of them aren’t necessarily the state’s law enforcement officers.

For one, many people use it to get high, and it can get you in trouble.

But the law enforcement agency has a new policy that allows law enforcement to seize pot, even if you’re not in possession of it.

If you get caught with a joint in your possession, the department can issue a citation.

It’s called a traffic stop.

The department has issued about 400 of these citations, with a number of them ending in felony convictions.

“We do take possession of marijuana and the citations are often for public intoxication, such as drunk driving,” says Lt.

David Buehler, the public information officer for the Virginia State Police.

Buehler says there are other reasons why marijuana is being seized, including a violation of a “gathering of a crowd” law, which allows people to gather and smoke pot on the sidewalk.

“That’s when you have a lot more people coming out of the street,” Buehl says.

The state’s “gather-a-thons” law went into effect in 2016.

The law allows people, including pot smokers, to gather on the street and smoke.

It requires those gathered to wear masks and keep their hands to themselves.

But if they’re carrying any kind of contraband, the law allows for the police to seize it.

“When you have people gathering, the only way to avoid that, the police have to have probable cause to make a traffic stops,” Bueshler says.BUEHL says the department will use that probable cause and get a warrant to search the car of anyone who has a marijuana joint.

“The officers will be able to search any and all evidence that they can find and then make a determination about whether it’s in violation of the law,” Bühler says, adding that if they find any marijuana, the officers will charge them with a misdemeanor.

If they don’t, the citation will be dropped.

Bueshler also says that anyone who’s caught with pot in their possession won’t be charged with a felony, but they will be arrested.

“So if you get busted, you’ll get arrested.

The officer can ask for a search warrant and if you don’t have a search of your car or your person, the officer can use a search, too,” he says.

Virginia’s new marijuana policy is an important change for the state.

The U.S. has the most restrictive marijuana laws in the country, and the state hasn’t had a high-profile arrest for pot possession in more than a decade.

But many say it’s important to change the laws in Virginia, since they could be the start of a nationwide crackdown.

“This is the only state in the nation where the police are going to be able do it,” says Michael Smith, the head of the state chapter of the Marijuana Policy Project.

Smith says that the state should allow for public displays of pot, but he says it needs to be strictly regulated.

“I don’t know that there’s any justification for the arrest of people for simply looking at something that is in the public right of way,” Smith says.

Smith also says the current laws need to be rethought.

“You can have the police doing the arrest, and then you can do the testing, but it’s a very, very invasive process,” he said.

Smith wants the state to legalize marijuana, but says it should be limited to medical use only.

“A lot of people would like to see a medical marijuana system.

It should be regulated,” Smith said.

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