Which states have a new voter ID law?

This article first appeared on Hacker News.

Last year, the Supreme Court ruled in North Carolina v.

King that people with an ID may not be denied access to the polls in the state.

The justices, however, did not directly address the issue of voter ID laws in the states where they have been passed, nor did they address the fact that people could have an ID in states that don’t require it.

Instead, they left the decision to state legislatures.

But now the Supreme is hearing arguments in a lawsuit filed by a group of conservative and moderate Republican legislators against a new Indiana voter ID bill.

The Indiana law was passed last year, and a federal judge struck down the state’s law on Tuesday.

The court has now heard arguments from both sides in the case.

The Supreme Court declined to hear the case last year because it was a political one, with a Republican majority on the court and Democrats on the bench.

But now, the court has decided to hear arguments on the issue because it has been the focus of a federal lawsuit.

The Indiana law required that voters have a government-issued photo ID card in order to vote.

In some cases, those cards were not valid for voting purposes.

But in many cases, the card was valid and required voters to present it to the poll worker.

The federal court is taking issue with the requirement that voters present the card, arguing that it is an invasion of privacy that violates the right to vote by forcing voters to prove that they are not lying about their identity.

The judges argued that the card requirement violated the right because it would make it more difficult for voters to obtain an ID, and because it could result in disenfranchisement of people who cannot afford to pay for it.

The state argues that it has to provide ID cards to all of its registered voters, regardless of whether they have an address.

But the state argues the requirement is a burden on the right not to be forced to present a photo ID in order for someone to vote, and therefore is unconstitutional.

In a statement, Indiana Republican Party Chairman Brian Calley said that his party has always been for a voter ID, but that it’s been under attack by the Supreme court.

“Indiana Republicans stand with those who believe in a fair, honest, and open election and oppose any voter ID requirements,” Calley wrote.

“The Court has failed to provide any rational analysis as to why a voter card requirement is necessary to ensure the integrity of elections in Indiana.”

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