What to know about the legal marijuana industry in Colorado and Washington


— Legal marijuana in Colorado is flourishing as businesses are opening and opening and businesses are closing, but the industry’s potential to become a $100 billion industry has yet to be seen.

Legal recreational marijuana sales in Colorado, Washington and Oregon began on Tuesday, with sales to begin July 1, and recreational marijuana could become legal for recreational use by recreational users in Nevada and Washington by July of 2019.

That’s a long way from being the case in California and Oregon, where marijuana remains illegal under federal law and is not subject to state taxes.

California and Oregon’s laws do not allow the use of marijuana to treat pain or to treat symptoms of cancer.

They do not permit people to grow up to six marijuana plants, and they do not have laws that require patients to use a certain level of marijuana in order to obtain the drug.

Medical marijuana dispensaries have opened and closed in California, Oregon and Washington, and the first medical marijuana dispensaries opened in Washington state on Saturday.

But it’s still unclear if those are the only medical marijuana markets, as some state lawmakers have said.

California Gov.

Jerry Brown is scheduled to sign the medical marijuana law into law on Wednesday.

Washington Gov.

Jay Inslee said the state will begin legal recreational marijuana by July 1.

Oregon is scheduled for legal recreational use on July 1 and Washington on July 4.

The U.S. Department of Justice has not released a timeline for the implementation of the federal government’s legalization of recreational marijuana in the states of Washington and Colorado.

It is unclear how many people will be allowed to purchase marijuana from recreational marijuana businesses and how many businesses will have to shut down.

The federal government is not saying, but some have said it could be as high as 1 million, according to a report from the National Cannabis Industry Association.

It’s unclear how marijuana will be regulated, although some say states could choose to have their own medical marijuana program.

The Department of Health and Human Services, in its guidance for states, has said it is not clear how marijuana sales will be managed.

The federal government has said that recreational marijuana is the safest and most effective treatment for chronic pain, epilepsy and cancer.

The Drug Enforcement Administration says marijuana is safe and effective for patients with severe epilepsy and a range of other medical conditions.

States that have legalized recreational marijuana are also expected to have a medical marijuana industry, and those plans could include medical marijuana businesses in those states.

Marijuana is also legal in several other states.

It’s not yet clear whether recreational marijuana will become a regulated industry, though it is considered a controlled substance by the federal Drug Enforcement Agency.

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