Ontario legal recruitment agency hacked

An online recruitment agency in Ontario is believed to have been hacked by a group that has been posting fake job postings on social media and threatening to release embarrassing personal information.

A security firm that monitors social media sites said it found evidence of the breach on Thursday.

The firm, which did not name the victim, said it believes the group was targeting employees of the recruitment agency and was likely targeting its employees to collect personal information and make it appear they were in an active job search.

The company said it’s not known who was behind the breach.

The company said the breach was detected by an outside party and was discovered after a user of its platform was alerted by an unknown person.

The service did not identify the user.

The breach was first reported by The Star newspaper.

The newspaper reported that the breach appeared to involve a Facebook page called Indicor, which has been used by a number of recruitment companies in Ontario.

The website, which posts job postings and job openings, appears to have about 200 followers.

It’s unclear how many people have signed up.

The online recruiter site also lists a number that appears to be the contact email for the Ontario Department of Justice.

That’s the name of the official agency for the provincial criminal justice system, the website said.

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