How to keep your child safe when the government is monitoring them

The National Security Agency is monitoring American citizens’ online activity in order to keep them safe from terrorists and other threats, according to documents leaked by Edward Snowden. 

The NSA is the U.S. intelligence agency tasked with protecting the U,S.

homeland and its citizens.

The documents released Thursday by the Guardian, citing sources inside the agency, also claim that the agency’s digital spying programs are being used to target Americans who are believed to be at risk of being a “foreign intelligence target” or are “in a position to provide valuable intelligence.”

The documents also say that the NSA has created a database of the names of every American who has registered for classes on the Internet since the summer of 2014.

The agency has collected and stored this information to be able to track American citizens who use the Internet to connect to other Americans who may have been a target of intelligence activities.

The agency has also been gathering information on American citizens with “foreign language capability,” the documents claim. 

“Foreign language capability” is the term the NSA uses to describe the ability to communicate with non-Americans.

According to the documents, the NSA is collecting and storing data on a daily basis on the number of Americans who speak or write a foreign language and the time, place and manner in which they communicate.

The NSA is using this data to track the “transitions” between American citizens and foreign individuals.

The NSA claims that it can identify Americans who use or communicate a foreign intelligence target’s information. 

 The agency claims that these activities are necessary to prevent the use of intelligence to disrupt U. S. foreign relations.

The document does not say whether the NSA collects the data for the purpose of targeting American citizens for surveillance or spying.

In response to a query from Fox News, the National Security Council said the agency does not track Americans’ communications on the Web and has no plans to do so.

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