How Charlotte legal system is coping with the influx of evictions

Charlotte, North Carolina — When a Charlotte couple’s eviction notice arrived, the legal system wasn’t prepared.

The couple, who had lived in the home since 2010, had been renting the space out for the past three years.

But in December, their landlord said the lease was up.

They moved in with another tenant, a tenant who had recently moved into the home.

They were told that if they didn’t vacate, the city would take the property.

Charlotte city council members, who have been working on a bill to legalize eviction, had planned to send the couple to court, but the legal department didn’t want to have to deal with a fight.

So, instead, the couple went to court and won.

The Charlotte City Council is now considering a bill that would legalize eviction.

The bill was originally proposed in February, but was stalled.

Now, council members are considering a resolution that would allow the eviction to continue if the owner is a current or former tenant.

It would be similar to the bill the state passed this year that allows eviction for people who rent to someone with no current or prior criminal record.

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