Bitcoin has been on a tear, but will it keep rising?

Bitcoin has taken off and it looks like the value of its currency will continue to climb, according to a recent report from Reuters.

However, it seems there’s some uncertainty about the future of the crypto currency.

The report said there’s a lot of speculation around the future and that the digital currency is still a wild card.

In addition to its volatility, bitcoin also faces a number of challenges.

Its volatility comes at a time when digital currencies are growing rapidly, according the report.

For example, bitcoin’s price jumped $4,400 last month after it briefly surpassed the $3,000 mark in June.

Bitcoin’s volatility also comes at the end of an up-and-down year for the digital coin.

Last month, the U.S. government banned the virtual currency from trading, and several countries are banning or restricting its use.

But bitcoin continues to rise and have seen its value increase in the past year.

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