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Birmingham city council voted in favour of a proposal that would legalize marijuana on Tuesday, a move that could lead to the state of Alabama adopting similar laws.

The vote, which was held on a 3-2 vote, came after an argument over the issue of marijuana legalization.

In the end, however, the council agreed to allow marijuana to be grown on city land and sold.

“There are a lot of challenges associated with legalization, but it does come with the opportunity to give Birmingham a lot more of a role in our city,” council member Brian Hill said in a statement.

“It’s also going to create jobs for our residents and to create a much-needed economic opportunity.”

Mayor Andy Berke said in the statement that “there are many people who are waiting for a change in policy to move forward and for us to have a positive impact in the city of Birmingham.”

The Birmingham City Council approved the measure by a 2-1 vote, after the council said it needed to find the time and the resources to address issues with the city’s zoning and legal frameworks.

It is unclear if the Alabama state legislature will be able to approve the measure, but the Alabama Supreme Court recently ordered the Alabama legislature to draft a marijuana legalization bill, with a deadline of May 30.

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