What is the difference between a “breath test” and a urine test?

“It’s like the difference in a test and a blood test,” said Joe DeCicco, a spokesman for the Cincinnati Medical Examiner’s Office.

“You can tell a breath test isn’t accurate, but if you have a urine sample, you can tell it’s a blood sample.

So there’s some differences between the two.”

DeCinco said it was unclear how long the difference would last.

He said he could not comment on whether a new rule would require a breath or urine test.

But the American Bar Association and the American Medical Association both supported requiring a breath and urine test in the new law.

The American Civil Liberties Union and the Ohio chapter of the American Psychological Association, which represent the majority of doctors and psychiatrists in the state, have also expressed support for requiring a urine or breath test for marijuana use.

The Ohio Medical Board and the Department of Health have not yet released a final rule.

A previous version of the law also required doctors to administer a drug test, although that law was later repealed.

Under the new rules, doctors will now be required to administer urine and a drug screening test to people suspected of using marijuana.

The rules also include an expanded set of requirements for physicians to administer marijuana tests.

In the new version, the state would no longer require a doctor to give a marijuana test to a patient who is not a resident of the state.

Instead, the test must be administered to someone who is a resident in the county where the doctor is practicing.

The new rules also require doctors to report any marijuana-related adverse events that they determine occur while prescribing the drug to their patients, such as vomiting, confusion, pain, seizures, psychosis, loss of consciousness, hallucinations, or a lack of memory.

The changes would go into effect Jan. 1.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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