What are the legal ramifications of a subreddit banning a user?

It’s unclear exactly what kind of punishment Reddit would bring against a user, but in a thread about the matter, a redditor named ktaylor said the subreddit had to take action against someone because of the content posted there.

“The reason we had to ban this person was because of his/her name, which is the subreddit title, which contains offensive and inappropriate language,” ktravis said.

“I was able to get into a discussion with him/her and he/she stated that he/her had done so and had deleted the post from the subreddit.” ktb, who was banned on Sunday for violating the subreddit’s rules, also asked the moderators to ban the subreddit that posted the post in question.

In addition, kt brianslaw, who had also been banned for violating Reddit’s rules for posts containing sexual content, has posted a post asking the mods to ban other subreddits that posted similar content to his.

“We are not going to stand for any form of discrimination against anyone,” kbtaylor said.

Reddit’s administrators have not responded to our requests for comment on the matter.

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