The legal world reacts to Tulsa police officer charged in fatal shooting

Tulsa, Okla.

(AP) — The legal community reacted Monday to the fatal shooting of a Tulsa, Oklahoma, police officer, who was charged with murder after the officer shot and killed a man who tried to run away from him in the city’s downtown area.

The shooting was captured on video and later posted on YouTube.

Tulsa Police Chief Wade T. Williams said on Sunday night that the officer was shot while responding to an emergency call.

Authorities have not provided a motive.

“I cannot comment on what was the circumstances of the incident that occurred today,” Williams said.

“We are investigating the circumstances.

We have a large police force.

We are going to be conducting a full and complete review of the circumstances.”

A federal grand jury has indicted Williams on charges of second-degree murder, obstruction of justice, and reckless endangerment.

Tulsa Mayor Slade Gorton issued a statement saying: “The actions of a police officer were unacceptable and a violation of the trust that the city of Tulsa has for us.

This is a deeply painful day for the entire community.”

A statement from Tulsa Police Department Chief Wade Williams said in part: “Our officers are trained to use deadly force to protect our communities.

I am deeply saddened by the loss of life and hope the actions of my officers will serve as a lesson to all officers across the country.”

The officer is a six-year veteran of the Tulsa Police.

Tulsa police Chief Williams said the officer “was not doing anything wrong” and that he was “trying to do his job” when he was shot.

The video of the shooting was released by a group of activists calling itself the Tulsa Black Lives Matter.

They said the officers actions were “not appropriate” and showed a lack of respect for human life.

“This officer was in the middle of the street with a man he had just shot and the man was not a threat to anybody,” said Deanna Brown, a member of the group, during a news conference Monday.

Brown, who is also an attorney, said she had seen the video but was not allowed to share it with the media.

“He’s doing his job,” Brown said.

The group added that it would “continue to hold the Tulsa police accountable and hold them accountable to the people of Tulsa.” “

They are in the wrong place at the wrong time and should be held accountable for their actions.”

The group added that it would “continue to hold the Tulsa police accountable and hold them accountable to the people of Tulsa.”

Tulsa City Councilwoman Brenda Hunt, who represents the downtown area, said the police chief’s statement showed “how the city feels.”

She said the city has been dealing with protests over the death of a black man who was shot in a traffic stop.

“There are no good options for Tulsa right now,” Hunt said.

She said that while she was not happy with the decision by Williams to charge Williams with second-hand murder, the chief needs to “sit down and figure out what’s going on.”

“This is a tragedy that needs to be looked at and a process needs to happen to find out what happened, what’s wrong,” Hunt added.

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