Ohio law requires labeling of kratom for opioid overdose prevention

OHIO — Ohio lawmakers on Thursday passed a bill to require labeling of powdered kratom products as opioids for the first time.

The legislation passed the House and is now headed to the Senate, where it faces a challenge from some Republicans who say the law isn’t strong enough.

The Ohio House of Representatives passed a law on Thursday that would require labeling on the packaging of kolache and kratom extracts sold by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

The measure, which is expected to pass the Senate next week, would require manufacturers to put the word “prescription” in bold text on the product’s label and include the product in the state’s opioid overdose list.

The labeling would include a list of names and addresses of individuals who may have purchased the product, the bill said.

It is not clear how many Ohioans would be required to buy the product if the labels were placed in an easily accessible format, said House Democratic Leader Tom MacArthur, D-Willingham.

The proposed legislation also would allow law enforcement agencies to request the labeling if they believe a person is at risk of addiction to kratom.

The bill would allow the state to use the information it collects to prosecute and imprison individuals who have committed the offenses.

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