How to use the Colorado legalization ballot initiative to get the state’s vote on medical marijuana

California’s initiative to legalize recreational marijuana for medical purposes is one of the most high-profile pieces of legislation on the November 2018 ballot, but the state has not yet passed a ballot measure to allow recreational pot use.

That’s left some states like Colorado, which has seen the largest number of cannabis-related deaths since legalization, scrambling to craft the state-specific language that will go to voters in 2018.

In some states, that language could be more restrictive than the California measure, and that could leave some voters unable to vote in 2018, or even to buy marijuana in 2018 at all.

The Colorado initiative will allow adults 21 and older to possess up to an ounce of marijuana for personal use and cultivate up to six marijuana plants.

It also allows adults 21 or older to grow up to two marijuana plants, but requires local governments to provide local health officials with a list of all registered medical marijuana patients and to provide the state with a written list of any other registered patients who are not receiving medical marijuana treatment.

The initiative also establishes a “public health emergency” that would allow emergency responders and other officials to temporarily detain anyone they suspect of having a medical marijuana-related emergency.

It would allow for public consumption, but not for sales.

Some state officials say the initiative would give local governments the right to restrict pot consumption in certain circumstances, like if they don’t want to have any children in the community.

“There are some states where it’s OK to have limited amounts of cannabis in the homes of parents and caregivers,” said Jonathan Caulkins, senior policy analyst at the Drug Policy Alliance.

“We’ve seen this happen in California, where there was an uptick in cannabis consumption after the state legislature passed Proposition 64, and then the governor signed it.”

Caulkin said the initiative will need a strong voter approval in order to pass, because it’s likely to face stiff opposition from the police, and the governor will have to sign it if it passes.

In Colorado, recreational marijuana use is already legal, and recreational pot sales have been allowed for some time.

The ballot measure is designed to allow adults to buy medical marijuana at retail stores, where the cost will be capped at $25 per ounce, and for people to grow marijuana at home.

The proposal would allow adults who are in danger of dying from a drug overdose to petition a medical doctor and have the doctor recommend medical marijuana for the patient.

People who are pregnant or are nursing or elderly would be able to petition to have their children’s medical marijuana prescriptions covered by their insurance plans, according to the proposal.

A ballot initiative can only pass if both the majority of the states voters and all 18 states that have already approved the ballot measure pass it.

A similar measure was passed in Washington state in 2018 and approved by voters in Oregon and Alaska.

A previous version of the ballot initiative was approved in Nevada last year.

In Washington state, it was approved by a margin of 58.8% to 41.5%.

In Colorado in 2018 there was a 55.3% to 42.3%.

The initiative has been approved by all 18 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.

The measures are similar in that they set a price for recreational marijuana, set a minimum age to buy and regulate the product, and allow for the sale of edible marijuana products.

The measure was also supported by a majority of voters in the District and by a large majority of Colorado voters.

However, some people in those states oppose it because of the high cost of the product and the lack of a proven medical use for it.

Other states that did not pass legalization initiatives have passed more restrictive legislation.

California is the second-most populous state in the country and its residents are the most likely to use marijuana, according

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