Who knows what the future holds for our legal system?

A series of recent court rulings that have dramatically expanded the scope of what can be considered criminal behaviour has prompted an increase in the number of UK courts dealing with issues surrounding the use of drugs and alcohol.

In recent years, judges have issued rulings that allow for the use and sale of controlled substances, including cannabis, amphetamines and ecstasy.

But some of these rulings have been very controversial, and in the UK, some cases have been upheld by the Supreme Court.

The court has ruled on two other cases involving cannabis.

One case involved a man who pleaded guilty to a charge of trafficking cannabis after being caught at a festival.

A trial judge said he had used cannabis while under the influence of it, and the case was referred to the High Court, which upheld his conviction.

The other case involved the conviction of a man after he admitted he had been caught using cannabis while on the lam from a rival gang.

The man had been using cannabis at a party, but was arrested by police in March 2017.

His lawyer, Mark Jones, argued that the prosecution should not have been able to prove that he was using cannabis because it was illegal to do so.

The Supreme Court said in its ruling that the police officer had been “unfairly prejudiced” by the fact that cannabis had been legalised, because it would have prevented him from making a proper defence.

It also said that the fact the drug had been decriminalised “did not affect his ability to be a good and honest police officer”.

The court said the officer should not be convicted on the basis that the drugs used were legal.

“The officer was not able to establish the fact of a drug offence before the police had taken him into custody,” the ruling said.

The case is the latest in a string of controversial rulings in recent years.

Earlier this year, a judge ruled that a woman had been convicted of driving while under-the- influence of alcohol because she had been in possession of alcohol in the vehicle, which had been seized by police.

The judge said the woman had “failed to produce sufficient evidence to establish that she was under the effect of a controlled substance”.

The judge added that she had “suffered a substantial and irreparable harm” and the woman was entitled to compensation.

The woman appealed, but the court dismissed the appeal in March.

In June this year a judge dismissed a man’s conviction for possession of cannabis after he had tested positive for the drug at the roadside.

“We consider it would be unfair and unreasonable to convict the defendant for possessing a controlled drug because he was not driving a vehicle,” the judge said.

In September 2017, a man was sentenced to eight years in prison after he was found to have used cannabis at the home of a family member.

The family had been visiting the property in Oxfordshire, and was drinking alcohol and smoking cannabis.

The victim was also found to be “over the influence” of cannabis.

“It was an alcohol-induced seizure,” the court heard.

The sentence was upheld by a three-judge panel.

The issue of cannabis use has also led to a number of high-profile convictions in recent months.

In October 2017, Michael Jones was sentenced for the murder of a teenager, and also for possession with intent to supply a controlled drugs offence.

He was also ordered to pay a £2,500 compensation order.

In May, a court in Suffolk agreed to sentence a man to six years in jail for cannabis possession.

In November, a teenager was jailed for four years for possessing cannabis.

In August, a 19-year-old was jailed after being found to possess cannabis while at the party.

The young man had admitted he was under an influence of cannabis and alcohol and was “over half way through the maximum sentence”.

He had been found with a joint and was ordered to complete 150 hours of unpaid work.

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