What we know about the new legal guidelines for concussions:

By Jason Reid and Jason Reid | The Associated PressA new league-wide concussion policy is set to take effect Friday, but the guidelines are a mixed bag.

Here are some of the key points from the league’s concussions policy.1.

NFL players have been protected from concussions since 1995The policy was first put in place in an effort to address concerns about head trauma among players.

The goal is to reduce the risk of a player getting hurt in an event of a head injury by as much as 90 percent, according to the NFL.

That goal will remain, but players will be given a chance to recover from a concussion and return to play, with the league having to approve the recovery and rehabilitation process.

“The goal is for players to be able to recover and be able play as quickly as possible,” said Dan Quinn, the league spokesman.

“The goal of the protocol is to get back to the speed of play, and we’re working toward that.”

Players are required to follow the protocol for concussion prevention, including wearing helmets and protective equipment.

But that won’t automatically protect them from concussive impacts from other players.

Players must still follow the concussion protocol if they are involved in an incident involving a violent or reckless act or are otherwise at risk of injury.

They will be required to report any suspected head injuries to a concussion specialist, according the NFL, or they can be suspended for up to four games if they continue to play in the NFL and are found to be in violation of the concussion protocols.2.

Concussion protocols differ from state to stateThe NFL and NFL Players Association disagree on how best to deal with the issue of concussions.

The NFLPA has been trying to push for more protection for players, but many states have gone further.

In California, players can be stripped of their eligibility for the NFLPA, and the NFL says it’s concerned about how the NFL will respond to player protests over its handling of concussives.

In New York, players are eligible to receive up to $1 million in benefits if they can prove they are at least 65 years old.

In Louisiana, players have an exemption from the concussion laws, which is based on the NFL’s “medical consensus” that players can recover from concussed players.

Louisiana’s policy has been the subject of intense scrutiny.

Louisiana State University football coach Charlie Strong said on Twitter on Thursday that he was concerned that players in the state could be punished for speaking out.

Strong said he was “very disappointed” that Louisiana’s concussion policy was going to be changed without input from him.

The Louisiana Athletic Association has since called for a public meeting on the issue.

“We are not the only ones who feel the need to speak up,” Louisiana State athletic director John Swofford said in a statement Thursday.

“We are asking that the NFL take the time to make the right decision regarding our players.”3.

Concussions will be a priority in the futureThe NFLPA says it will “continue to take a hard look at all of the concussions that are being experienced in the league,” with particular attention to player safety and the “safety of the players themselves.”

The NFL says its goal is not to penalize players for speaking up about concussions, but rather to ensure they are able to return to the field and participate in games as quickly and safely as possible.

“Players are protected from the impacts of head trauma by the NFL,” the league said in an email to the AP.

“As such, players must follow the policy for concussion protection, including wear helmets and wearing protective equipment.”4.

Concussive hits are unlikely to get players firedThe league said it is “very concerned” about concussivirus.

It said that while players may have a legal right to take legal action against the NFL if they believe their safety is threatened, that is unlikely to happen because the league will take a “careful and thoughtful” look at every player’s case.

It also said that it will look at other ways to help players with concussions who have been diagnosed with a condition that requires further testing.5.

NFL player safety will be paramount5.

Concussed players will still have a right to sueThe NFL said it will investigate players who report a concussion, and will allow the NFL to investigate and resolve any issues that may arise.

The league said the NFL is in the process of developing guidelines for players who are found in violation.

Players can sue in a federal court in Louisiana, or in state court in any state where the concussion policy applies.

The NFL will also continue to hold player safety hearings and develop concussion-related policies.

It has not yet announced what the final rules will be.

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