The law firms who sued Apple are now suing Apple in court

Legal news in Illinois: Apple is suing Apple and its former employees in federal court in Chicago.

The lawsuit filed today by Chicago law firms represents the first time that Apple has sued a former employee or employee of a firm that it hired in the state of Illinois.

The lawsuit claims that Apple used “an abusive process” to get the Chicago law firm to drop the case.

Apple’s case was filed on August 31st, 2020, and was settled in November 2020.

The law firms, represented by Chicago attorney Richard Soderberg, also claim that Apple “violated” its fiduciary duty to a former Apple employee.

Apple has previously said that it never knowingly employed a former worker or employee, and has always hired only the most qualified.

Apple has hired several former Apple employees since the company hired the Chicago firm, including an executive vice president, an account executive, and an engineering manager.

Apple also has hired employees from companies including the law firms that represented it in its suit against former Apple workers.

The Chicago law offices have asked for $10 million in damages and for the court to impose an order barring Apple from using a former law firm employee in any manner.

Apple had previously been seeking a restraining order against the Chicago firms in the Illinois case, which could have prevented it from suing the law offices in Chicago for damages.

The law offices are asking for $20 million in compensatory damages and $1.5 million in punitive damages.

Apple’s lawsuit against the law firm has not been fully dismissed yet.

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