How to Get Your DDoS Protection Paid in the US

A growing number of countries are offering a new form of legal protection for DDoS attacks, but it may be harder than you think to protect yourself against a breach of a company’s network.

The US is home to a growing number the legal protection industry, but legal experts say the US still has a long way to go to make it a standard part of the industry.

“I think there is an issue of understanding the law, and understanding the definition of what constitutes an incident that’s going to be a DDoS attack,” said Aaron Smith, an attorney who works with companies like Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, and others to protect themselves.

“A DDoS is a computer system that sends information or requests to a third-party to perform a function, and if that information or request is being made to a computer that’s in your network, then that’s an incident.”

In the US, DDoS protection services are now covered under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, or CFAA, which was signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2013.

Under the law anyone can file a complaint with a local law enforcement agency with a civil or criminal complaint, but many victims say the most important protection is getting their claims heard.

A company like CloudFlare, which offers a cloud-based DNS service, provides its customers with a legal process to obtain compensation for their DNS and network disruptions.

In some cases, such as for the data center outage in October 2016, the company also offers a form of compensation.

The company also says it is willing to compensate anyone who experienced a DNS incident but doesn’t have the funds to do so.

“They can take the case to court, but they can’t sue you directly,” said Dave Shire, CloudFlares chief legal officer.

“It’s a fairly simple process, and they’ll pay for it, but the company has to get in front of a judge and the judge has to rule on it,” he added.

“If the company was in the middle of a major outage and had no way to communicate with customers or people around the world, the court might think it’s a bit much, and would probably award them more money,” said Shire.

Companies are also making their own arrangements to compensate victims, though the process is complex and time consuming.

If the damages for a DNF are greater than the amount of compensation the company would have to pay, a court may award more.

In some cases victims are required to get a third party to review the claim before making a claim, which could take a long time, according to Shire.

“A lot of these companies have their own network engineers that are willing to do that,” he said.

Shire added that many DDoS attackers are not aware of the CFAA.

“We see a lot of cases where it’s not covered by the CFIA,” he explained.

“There are no protections for people that have a network engineer that doesn’t know what the law is, or isn’t aware of it, and that doesn, in fact, make them liable for what the company is liable for.”

“It doesn’t say that you have to be on the other side of the network to be covered, it just says that you’re not,” said Smith.

While the CFA provides some protections, many organizations are not willing to pay for them.

“The biggest barrier that people have to actually getting these protections is to go through the process of having a DFS [Data Forwarding Service] contract signed with a network, so that they can get the DFS,” said Scott Johnson, an analyst at Cybersecurity Research & Analysis, which tracks DDoS incidents.

“That process is quite complicated, and it’s expensive.”

Many companies, however, are making the process easier.

CloudFlash, for example, offers a service that allows customers to get their DDoS claims approved, which they say is a major difference from many other DDoS mitigation companies.

“Our network engineers are not able to do this, so they’re basically saying, ‘You’re not going to sue us because we’re not a DFA,'” said Smith, who added that this approach has helped a lot.

“This has enabled them to put their own engineers on the DDoS side of things and to get some of these things approved.”

For some companies, the process may be easier than others.

“For us, we can say, ‘I can do this through the company, I can do that through the network, and this is how I can protect myself,'” said Shires.

“In the end, we’re going to get the best outcome out of it.”

This story has been updated to clarify the CloudFlush process.

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