Amazon’s new $10 Amazon Prime membership will not be subject to the state’s sales tax, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says

NEW YORK — Inc. has confirmed it will not pay sales taxes in New York, citing a policy that prohibits the state from taxing the online retailer’s wholesale and retail sales.

The announcement comes as the company and its largest U.S. competitors are working to boost their sales in New Jersey amid a statewide ballot initiative that would legalize the sale of recreational marijuana.

The company announced the change Monday in a filing with the state tax agency, a spokeswoman for the attorney general said.

New York voters approved the ballot initiative last year and, in July, the Legislature passed a law that allows retail sales to be taxed at the state level.

The company said Monday it would not be making any sales or other purchases in New Hampshire that would be subject, under New York state law, to sales tax.

“Amazon has been a valued supporter of New York and the state for decades and we will continue to work with New York officials to address their concerns about the state sales tax,” a spokeswoman said in a statement.

Amazon has also been among several companies to launch new retail locations in New England, including locations in Boston, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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