When an arrestee gets a lawyer

A criminal justice student at St. Cloud State University is suing her university after she alleges a campus police officer violated her constitutional rights.

St. Cloud police arrested Christina Johnson on Aug. 10 after she told them she had been drinking and had broken a window at her apartment complex.

Johnson is accused of resisting arrest and resisting a peace officer.

She told police she had taken a sip of vodka and was going to hit a wall with it.

She filed a police report, but said she was told by officers her actions were not in line with department policy and that they could file charges.

Johnson said she contacted her lawyer, John Lutz, who represents others who have been arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Lutz did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“I have no idea why she is being singled out.

I’ve never been arrested,” said Lutz.

“I’m a law student.

I’m just not supposed to have that type of information in my possession.”

According to court records, Johnson was arrested on Aug and 11 for disorderly behavior.

She was booked into the St. Paul County Jail after a second time, this time for violating the peace, according to St. Joseph County Jail records.

She was released on bond, but still faced a $50 bond.

On Wednesday, Lutz sued the university, claiming Johnson violated the First Amendment right to free speech and due process.

He is also suing St. Louis police officers who were involved in the arrest.

Johnson has filed a federal lawsuit seeking damages for the wrongful arrest and alleged the university violated her right to due process by failing to protect her rights.

In a statement, St. Clair University said in a statement it “acknowledged that there are laws in place that prohibit conduct that would lead to criminal prosecution.”

The university said it would continue to work with Johnson to resolve the matter.

Lutz said he has been working with Johnson on her legal matter and hopes to work out an agreement.

Johnson’s attorney, David Johnson, said his client is grateful for his efforts.

“She was in such a bad place at that time,” Johnson said.

“She didn’t know if she was going into a court of law or into a police officer’s courtroom.

So she was not ready for that.”

Johnson said her attorney has been contacting a number of universities and has been told St. Charles has agreed to meet with her.

Johnson is scheduled to appear in court Aug. 26.

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