What you need to know about the new law

LEGAL ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — New legislation that was expected to bring in $30 million to the state’s coffers could not be completed in time for the 2017 fiscal year because of budget concerns, and the law has already faced legal challenges, including one filed by a public employee.

The state Supreme Court has scheduled oral arguments on the law for June 3, though it is expected to take up the issue of a state constitutional amendment next week.


Andrew Cuomo’s administration has been working on the legislation for years, and Cuomo, a Democrat, had hoped to pass the bill by next month.

But Cuomo has been frustrated by the Legislature’s inaction on the bill, which he says is a violation of his power.

The governor said in a statement Friday that the new bill would “improve the lives of New Yorkers, improve the state of our economy, and provide relief to the middle class.”

The bill would help the state cut down on the number of uninsured and provide coverage for everyone regardless of pre-existing conditions.

It would provide tax relief to businesses that would help offset the costs of the law.

It would provide coverage to everyone in the state, regardless of income, including children.

It also would provide Medicaid expansion to those who currently receive it.

Cuomo’s office says about 5.3 million New Yorkers would be eligible for the state Medicaid program.

The law would provide health insurance to people who don’t have health insurance, expand Medicaid to the poorest New Yorkers and give insurance companies more leeway to charge more for older people and people with pre-diabetes.

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