The ‘malware’ threat that’s affecting crypto miners

A recent study by security researchers found that some of the software used by cryptocurrency miners to mine cryptocurrencies has been infected with malware.

The malware, dubbed Cryptocat, was discovered by security researcher David Smith, who published a report on the issue on Thursday.

The report, which uses a sample of cryptocurrency mining software from the Coin Center, found that Cryptocats software was infected with two different types of malicious code.

One of the malicious code was called “Malwarebytes.”

The second was called Cryptocash.

The malicious code, which was not part of the malware, was also found in Bitcoin miners and was able to get into the computers running the software.

Smith also found that miners were vulnerable to malware.

“The malwarebytes program has been used by crypto miners for years to mine cryptocurrency.

However, Cryptocatoas malwarebytes is not directly related to the malwarebytes exploit.

It appears to be a different program that is running in an embedded mode,” he wrote.

“Cryptocat has been designed to be more robust than CryptoHash or Bitcoin Hash.

This vulnerability allows a miner to mine for the cryptocurrency, but it can also infect a miner’s PC or computer running other cryptocurrency mining applications.

Cryptocatos software also appears to have been compromised by other malware and exploits.”

Smith warned that while Cryptocate was found to be “malwarebytes” it was also not related to CryptoHash.

“Malicious CryptoHash and CryptoHash are not related in any way.

They are completely different programs.

CryptoHash is a mining software designed to increase Bitcoin’s hashing power, while CryptoHash has been developed to be able to mine Bitcoins for the longest time,” he said.

Smith added that the researchers have not found evidence that CryptoHash was actually used by a miner, but that it was likely someone used it as part of a botnet.

Cryptomining malware is a relatively new threat that has become increasingly sophisticated in recent years.

Last year, researchers found a malware called BitTorrent that was able a to download files from the Tor network.

Cryptomexperts research found that malware used by miners was being used by ransomware attackers, which were using the malware to steal data from victims.

It was also reported that malware had been found in miners of other cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Litecoin.

A total of 10 miners, which had been operating since 2013, have been identified by security firm Trend Micro, which said that Cryptomancer was responsible for 10% of the Bitcoin network’s hashrate.

CryptoMiner, which has about 3.7 million bitcoins, has had its hashrate fall since the beginning of the year.

Cryptometrics has previously warned that crypto mining was “a particularly susceptible form of malware for cryptocurrency miners” because of the nature of mining hardware and software.

However in December, Cryptometres report found that mining software was still vulnerable to crypto mining malware.

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