New report alleges that police violated rights of women in ASADA testing

Asbestos was not used in the testing procedure for the National Basketball Association’s All-Star Game, which was played in Kansas City, Missouri, in March 2018.

The league is under fire for its handling of the issue.

The report released Tuesday by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) alleges that in March of 2018, officers from the Kansas City Police Department (KCPD) visited a women’s health clinic and tested the area for asbestos.

The report states that “the KCPD performed testing on the female health clinic area” and “detailed its findings in a letter to the women’s clinic.”

The letter was sent on March 18, 2018, the same day as the All-Stars game was played.

The women’s medical clinic, which is named for a former NBA player, was contacted by the KCPE to ask them to test for asbestos during the game.

However, “the clinic failed to follow up and did not provide any information to the KCB to confirm or deny the diagnosis,” the report states.

“When the clinic received this letter, the clinic informed the K CPD that the clinic did not have asbestos and that the test results were incorrect,” the letter continued.

The KCPT has since claimed that it was unaware of the asbestos testing and “inadvertently” contaminated the women health clinic.

A spokesperson for the KCRD told Breitbart News that the department did not respond to the request for testing for asbestos, “as it did not exist at the time of the incident.”

However, the report does state that KCPB officers “did conduct asbestos testing of the area of the clinic that was visited and found no asbestos.”

The report states, “The KCRT told the clinic and the clinic told the KCPD that the testing had not been conducted and the women had been tested.

It is unclear from the letter whether the women informed the clinic or the clinic reported this to the Department of Justice.”KCPT officers also “failed to notify the KCSO or the city that they had performed the asbestos test,” the KCHP wrote in its own letter to EEOC.

The KCPDs own investigation also “found no evidence that any asbestos testing had been performed in the clinic,” the complaint states.

The EEOC’s investigation also found that the KCTs handling of asbestos testing “was inconsistent with their duties under the law.”

The KCHS also found the KCMP’s handling of testing to be “unlawful and unprofessional.”

The Department of Public Safety and the Kansas Highway Patrol were also named in the report.

The Department of Health and Human Services is also accused of failing to follow federal asbestos safety standards and failing to report asbestos testing to the EEOC in time for the All Stars game.

According to the report, the KCLU was also unaware of any testing that was conducted in the area where the women were tested, and was “unaware that asbestos testing was being conducted at that clinic.”

A spokesperson for KCPO told Breitbart Texas on Wednesday that the agency is “reviewing the report and will work with the EEO to determine if the report was obtained and whether the findings warrant any further action.”

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