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Marijuana is a legal product in India, but there is an ongoing debate about how it should be handled by the authorities.

How exactly can India legally sell the drug?

India is the only country where recreational marijuana use is legal, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe to drink it.

The country also has a strict prohibition on smoking cannabis and alcohol, so it’s hard to get around those restrictions.

Here’s what you need to know about the country’s new laws.

What you need do to get marijuana and booze from India:1.

Make a trip to India: You can buy marijuana and/or alcohol legally in India through an official licensed dispensary in Delhi.

However, most tourists only buy the dried plant material for their own consumption, and not the whole plant, which can also cost around $50 to $200.

The marijuana is then dried and packed into small containers, which you then take to a small area near a bank, liquor store or even a bar.

You need to bring the marijuana to the dispensary to be processed and checked, and then you can go home to the store and buy more, or just go for a quick hit.

If you’re buying the dried weed for your own consumption you can even bring it home with you if you want.2.

Have your own licensed marijuana retailer: A licensed marijuana store is basically a small shop where you buy weed and you then buy it at a licensed dispensary where it’s packaged and ready to ship.

These stores are the best way to buy cannabis from India, since the stores are located near your home.

The price of the cannabis varies, depending on the size of the package and what type of marijuana it is, but you’re usually getting around 30 percent off.3.

Buy it at licensed marijuana stores: The best places to buy marijuana from India are the government licensed dispensaries, which are licensed to sell weed.

If a dispensary doesn’t have the right paperwork, it’s very difficult to get it legally approved.

However it’s also very easy to get them to approve you.

They also sell marijuana to other people, and sometimes they can even take your money.

The process is much more straightforward than the licensed shops, so you don’t need to go to a specific store to buy.

The government stores can usually get you your weed for around $20, but the dispensaries can usually sell you around $40-50.4.

Buy from licensed cannabis stores: This is where the real hassle begins.

There are licensed dispensaries in all 50 states, but only four are allowed to sell marijuana.

These are the four places you can buy pot legally:Cannabis is not sold in the private markets, so if you are not an official dealer you can’t legally buy pot from a licensed marijuana dispensary.

You will need to buy it in the designated area outside of the dispensary, where the dispensary can check you have the correct paperwork and give you a license.5.

Pay taxes and other fees: If you want to buy weed from a legal cannabis shop, you’ll need to pay a fee.

This includes a 1 percent tax on the amount of weed you buy, a 20 percent tax and a 5 percent excise tax.

The tax is calculated by dividing the amount you pay by the total amount you paid in taxes and fees, and multiplying it by the number of days you have to buy the weed.6.

Get your weed from licensed dispensaries: The dispensaries you can legally buy weed at are usually located in designated areas, but not every dispensary has a designated area for weed.

So you’ll usually have to go inside the dispensary and check for yourself.

The dispensaries usually have a waiting area where they have to sign up you to buy from them, but they’ll usually allow you to use your mobile phone to buy there as well.7.

Get the weed in the morning: If your plan is to buy a little bit of weed for yourself, the day before you buy it, you can use the licensed dispensaries waiting area to buy pot.

The waiting area is open during business hours.8.

Buy pot in a designated location outside the dispensary: Once you’ve bought weed from the dispensary you need it to be in the same place you bought it.

There is usually a designated parking area outside the dispensaries waiting areas, so people can get to and from the shop in a reasonable amount of time.9.

Buy the weed at a government licensed cannabis store: Once the pot has been processed and tested, the seller will give you your paperwork and you can check out.

You’ll have to pay the legal fees and taxes.10.

Check out the quality of the weed: A good marijuana dealer will be willing to sell you quality weed that you can trust.

These dealers usually have good customer service, and most are licensed.

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