How to file for legal cannabis use in the state of Texas

Legalization is coming, and it’s coming fast.

On March 16, Texas became the first state to legalize recreational marijuana, paving the way for the next wave of legalization to take hold.

On Tuesday, the state House of Representatives passed a bill allowing individuals to legally use recreational cannabis and medicinal cannabis in addition to marijuana for medical purposes.

The bill, HB 738, would also allow individuals to grow their own cannabis in their own home, and allow them to purchase cannabis through the state’s online marketplace.

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The House voted 94-33 on Tuesday to approve HB 737, which was signed into law by Gov.

Greg Abbott on March 10.

The governor signed the bill into law at the Capitol.

The bill also passed the Senate and the House by wide margins.

The state’s medical cannabis program, which is set to expire in 2019, will not be affected by HB 739, but the state will continue to issue medical cannabis cards.

The Associated Press is working to verify the numbers.

The new laws will allow Texas residents to purchase up to two ounces of cannabis and to grow up to eight plants in their home.

Under the new law, those under 21 who are eligible to purchase recreational cannabis will be able to do so, and adults over 21 will be allowed to grow and possess up to six plants.

The law also expands access to the legal medical cannabis system.

Currently, anyone with a valid Texas medical cannabis card can use marijuana at home.

The card must be obtained from a licensed provider, licensed dispensary, physician, licensed therapist, registered nurse, registered dietitian, or registered dietician’s assistant.

The medical cannabis industry is currently in a transition phase.

According to the Texas Medical Association, there are about 300 licensed providers in the Lone Star State, but there are only a few dozen licensed dispensaries.

There are also no registered dieticians.

There are currently three licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in Texas, all in Austin, with the only two located in the Austin area.

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