Court orders ‘disgusting’ photos of sex-trafficking victim, her family

FLORIDA LEGAL NEWS  – The Florida Supreme Court has ordered photos of a sex-tourism victim’s family members, as well as the children of her victims, be removed from a charity’s website.

The order came Friday after an investigation by a Broward County Sheriff’s Office detective revealed that the photos were of minors and posed sexual assault.

The photos are part of a website called “” created to help people recover from sexual-traffic offenses.

According to the order, the family members’ names were removed from the website on June 27.

The judge also ordered that photos of the victim be taken down from July 1.

The family members had complained to the sheriff’s office in May that the website had posted photos of them posing nude with their children and their parents, and they were upset that the site posted photos that violated their privacy.

The judge ordered that the family be notified that the information would be removed by email.

The site’s owner, a nonprofit called “Florida FamilyTrafficked Recovery,” also agreed to remove the photos and to comply with a request by the sheriff for them to be removed.

The victim and her family had been unaware of the website’s contents, according to court documents.

The Sheriff’s office contacted them last month and told them they had to remove or block access to the website, according the court documents, which said the site had been up since July.

The sheriff’s deputy who was investigating the case told investigators he had no idea the website was hosting photos of minors posing nude in front of their children.

He told them the photos could not be found on the site.

The Sheriff’s spokesman said that in the course of the investigation, he learned the victim was pregnant and was living in a trailer in her trailer park.

The spokesman said he learned of the photo from a social media user who posted it.

“The photo was of a child who had not yet been born.

It was the mother’s photo,” said Deputy Ryan Moore, the spokesman said.

“We did not know who the child was or where the child had been born.”

In court, the victim’s mother, Sharon Smith, said she was “disgusted” by the decision.

“I was horrified by the judge’s decision to order that the pictures of my children be taken from the ‘FamilyTrafficRecovery’ website.

It is disgusting.

It defies common sense,” she said.”

This is what our kids have to endure every day,” Smith added.

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