Brisbane’s first legal weed store opens in the CBD

The first recreational marijuana store in the country opened in Brisbane’s CBD this week, as the city’s cannabis industry continues to grow.

The Crown-of-pearls-based retail store, located on The Street, has been in the works for the past five years, and it opened on Wednesday.

It has more than 60 staff, who sell the marijuana to those in need and provide free counselling and information to those looking to buy.

“It’s about bringing the best of the CBD, the CBD of Queensland, to the people,” owner Sam Hinton said.

“And that’s what we’re here to do.”

Crown-of.-pearl sales manager Nick Kibby said he was excited about the store’s opening.

“I’ve been looking for a cannabis store for a long time,” Mr Kibbys said.”(The CBD) has a really high turnover rate.”

The majority of cannabis users who use cannabis don’t know the laws around it.

“Mr Kibbitson said the store had been set up in a way that allowed it to operate in the heart of the city.”

You don’t need to be an expert cannabis user to buy it, you can just come in and buy a product and have a go,” he said.

But the CBD is still in its infancy, and Mr Kittins fears it will not be long before some shops open in the city centre.”

If we can get some people who are willing to come in, and maybe get some help with their own medical needs and stuff, then that’s a really good sign for the CBD.

“Mr Hinton is optimistic about the CBD’s future.”

In the next five to 10 years, we’ll have a very big market in the centre of Brisbane, but that will depend on how many stores there are,” he told ABC Brisbane.”

A lot of people will just be looking at it as a convenience store, and we’re not going to be doing that.

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