When it comes to ‘legal’ immigration, Texas is a ‘choke point’

Posted October 17, 2018 06:21:10 For the past six months, I have been living in the Houston area, living in a place where a legal immigration system has been in crisis.

In the process, I’ve become a conduit for illegal aliens to enter the country.

In recent months, however, Texas has experienced a surge in the number of people seeking asylum.

And those numbers are only expected to grow.

For many of these people, legal immigration is the last resort, and if the federal government is unable to secure the border, they are forced to turn to the streets to get into the country legally.

But there are people like me who have no choice but to make the difficult journey from Texas into the United States, in order to find work, earn a living, or better their situation.

This story first appeared on the Alamo Times.

If you are a U.S. citizen, you can access our website to learn more about our immigration program.

If not, you may view a short video about legal immigration, including a guide to the process.

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Texas’s legal immigration crisis: How the system is collapsing Texas legal immigration has been a hot button issue for the past year.

It began when the Trump administration announced it would not accept new immigrants and refugees until the end of 2019.

After months of discussion, the administration decided to extend the deadline for applications until February 2023, or until the number was down to a manageable level.

That means the number will be below 700,000.

The number of asylum seekers who applied for temporary protection status has also been rising rapidly.

The surge in asylum applications is part of a trend in which the number has been rising every year since Trump’s inauguration.

Last month, the Texas Department of Public Safety announced it had received more than 300,000 applications for temporary protected status since January, and that the state had accepted almost 4,000 more people in the same time period.

In addition, Texas had a surge of people applying for asylum in January, which is nearly double the number from a year earlier.

“Texas is a choke point for legal immigration,” said Julie Schramm, a Houston attorney with the Austin Immigration Coalition, who has been advising clients who are applying for temporary legal status.

“Asylum seekers are being turned away, and there’s a lack of information and information about how they can proceed.”

In addition to legal immigration issues, the influx of people is also affecting the number and diversity of legal services available to Texans.

The Texas Commission on Human Rights, which oversees the state’s human rights, has been working to address some of the concerns about Texas’ legal immigration laws.

Last week, the commission released a report documenting the legal services that Texas provides to people in need, including legal assistance in the form of legal aid.

“The vast majority of the people who need legal services are already in Texas,” said Commission Chair Amy Krebs.

“We have seen an increase in the amount of cases in which lawyers are representing these clients.

And as a result, we’ve seen the number, diversity, and geographic distribution of legal assistance services increasing.”

Krebs said it is too soon to say how many Texas residents are seeking legal assistance, but the commission believes that at least 1 million Texans are on the waiting list for legal assistance.

“I’m concerned that the number is going to be much higher than 1 million,” said Krebs, who added that the vast majority will not receive legal assistance because they are already eligible for federal financial assistance.

This week, Texas announced that it would waive the current $1,250 cap on legal aid for newly arrived legal immigrants, and would also allow legal assistance to continue for people in temporary legal protection status.

But the state is also looking to expand the number that can receive legal aid in order for them to meet the state requirement for an increase to the cap.

Krebs also said that the commission will begin working with local organizations to find ways to expand services to those who are in need.

“What we have to do is work together with local partners to find out how we can better support legal assistance,” she said.

“If we’re not there, we’re going to have a real problem.”

What is legal immigration?

Legal immigration is when people from abroad seek asylum in the United State to avoid being sent back to their countries of

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