The Latest Legal News on the Cybersecurity Threats

The FBI is asking a federal judge in Maryland to compel a company to turn over a key database containing millions of records from a cybersecurity firm.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) on Tuesday filed a petition to compel the Justice Department to produce a computer file containing the files.

The FBI wants the records, known as the Cloud-based Investigative Information System, to enable investigators to investigate “threat actors,” which includes “cybercriminals and state-sponsored actors.”

The Justice Department has said it has not yet received the requested records, which include the FBI’s internal cybersecurity data.

EFF said it wants them to help the FBI analyze its “overwhelming evidence of a massive cyber-attack against the United States” and identify potential vulnerabilities in government systems.

The database includes “information from more than 2 million law enforcement, national security, intelligence, cybersecurity, and other government agencies.”

EFF says that more than 5.7 million records from the FBI were seized in the raid.

The records include more than 60,000 cyber incidents and investigations in 2017.

In the petition, EFF said that the records show the FBI is investigating “the vast majority” of the attacks it says were launched on government systems, including the White House, FBI headquarters, the Department of Homeland Security, the State Department, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

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