Florida court approves $50K lawsuit against Uber, Lyft, Lyft’s parent company

A Florida court has approved a $50,000 settlement between two drivers who allege that the ride-sharing company operated in a discriminatory manner.

A jury awarded former Uber driver James Bostic and former Lyft driver Chris Hayes $100,000 and $30,000, respectively, in May.

They alleged that the company treated them unfairly and discriminated against them for the entire six-month period.

Bostic, who worked for Uber for about two years, said that he was not happy about the settlement because he was hoping for a settlement for the same amount.

The trial was the first time that the Florida court had to determine the damages that Uber and Lyft were seeking.

Uber has not responded to a request for comment.

A spokesperson for Lyft said in a statement that they would continue to fight for the rights of drivers.

“We’re confident that we will prevail,” said the spokesperson.

Brian Purdy, who represented Hayes in the case, said the settlement was “a victory for the millions of people who ride their bikes and do their jobs.”

“The settlement will ensure that drivers can now afford to get on their bikes safely and afford to hire people to help them do that,” he said.

A trial for Hayes was scheduled to begin in February.

A hearing for the case was set for Tuesday.

A previous settlement, made last year by a separate class-action lawsuit, resulted in $5.2 million in damages.

A class-title lawsuit filed by Bostic alleges that Uber, which was founded in 2011, violated Florida’s Fair Employment and Housing Act by failing to give workers an equal opportunity to ride and working conditions that were not reasonable and reasonable, according to court records.

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