Bollywood actor Shabnam Sharma’s new song gets praise from celebrities

Bollywood actress Shablam Sharma’s latest single “Giri” is going viral.

It is about her son who is battling cancer and his father who is struggling with mental health issues.

“Giri is a song about him and his battle with mental illness and how he is struggling to make it through his life.

He is living in a bubble and has to keep himself busy.

It’s really inspiring to hear about his struggle,” said her husband Shazia.

In a recent interview, Shabam Sharma spoke about his thoughts on cancer and said, “I am the only parent of two boys, and I am trying to be the father for them both.”

Shazie has also written and performed music videos for some of the big names of Bollywood including Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Deepika Padukone, Ritesh Reddy, Raghuvansh Redmi, Kishore Kumar, Anushka Sharma, and others.

Shahzad Sharma’s music has also hit the charts and has been watched more than 10 million times on YouTube.

The song has been trending on Twitter for days.

“This song has become the most talked about song in India today.

It has received praise from all the actors, celebrities and sportsmen.

It was even sung at the World Cup, a match between the Indian and England cricket teams,” said Praveen Bhagat, a music producer and musician.

Sharma also shared the lyrics to the song with reporters.

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